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EnergyK5 LIGHT

EnergyK5 LIGHT features four strong blue LEDs to reflect controlled sound activity in your hand. It has some extra functions like stroboscopic light mode (club flash effect), which flashing rate can be modified through Control Wheel, while main note is changed.

EnergyK5 LIGHT inherits all USB model functions, and so it is fully compatible with this and with configuration editor. All functions are automatable. Includes "Learn" function to assign the desired CC number from another MIDI controller, allowing "on the fly" to control any parameter you want. It is able to modify on the fly too the note or note group it sends (it can handle up to ten notes of polyphony to control complex chords or virtually any desired combination of notes).

You can see it in action in the following videos. As can be seen, although there was too much ambient light, controller light is still clear enought.


To see EnergyK5 LIGHT in our online store, click here. User's manual of EnergyK5 is available in Documents Section.

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